The Kiwi Empress

I’ve said it before but food, and fruit in particular, is something I really like to take pictures of. Given the right light and setup new things can emerge from within the subject. In this picture, which I call The Kiwi Empress, the profile of a female head can be seen with an oversized brain – at least that’s what I see. I have done no particular editing except light-curves, contrast and some selective spot removals.
The slice is rather thin with lightning from the back to get the innards to stand out. The downside to this is that the outer parts of the subject gets overexposed.
The Kiwi Empress

Pictures of food

I love to take pictures of food – and the preparation of it. I have tons of them. Some are quite good, but the problem I had with this one was that it had to be taken during a certain time period.. It’s a competition on a photo site I like and although the rule that the picture has to be taken during the competition period is frustrating it’s also quite stimulating. Anyhow, I thought about this for quite some time and this is my picture. It’s an orange cut thinly along the side. The post process is to mirror the image, adjust exposure and contrast. I call it The Orange Queen.
The Orange Queen