I was born in Sweden in 1966 and have lived and worked in different parts of the world. Right now I live in Vaxholm, Sweden which is in the Stockholm archipelago with my wife and two sons.

I like photography in almost all forms, cinematography and playing music. My photography spans nature, architecture, wild life, sports, macro and street photography – I’m sure I forgot some of my favorite subjects. I like to work with everything from handheld to studio setups depending on the task with mono pod being the compromise. Although I work a lot with film projects they often start out as photographic ideas.

I have learned a lot from other peoples websites, books and blog posts and thought it was time to give back some of my own knowledge, findings and tools.

Here are links to some of my favorite photo-blog sites:



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  1. Just ordered our Christmas cards via Smug Mug, super exietcd they are going to look great! Once Dan is back in town we will order all our photos too many that we love it will be hard to pick which to buy. I might need to invest in some more picture frames for the house!

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